The Impact of Influence on Different Sectors the Beauty

World of tanks, a mobile game. Has long achieved product placements through influence. Other sectors are impacted by influencer. Marketing like technology food travel etc. The trends of 2021 the tiktok bomb it was with the first confinement.Hungary Phone Number List  In france implemented in march 2020 that tiktok broke records. With 96% download growth in 2020 , it’s the platform of the moment. Its creative video format creates a certain addiction from users. In addition there are many influencers already present on other platforms. But we are seeing the appearance of new influencers.Appreciated for their creativity and sincerity. The inevitable instagram for several years.Instagram has been the preferred social network for influencer.

Brand and That He Trusts It, Which Has

Marketing again this year the platform is on the .Rise and remains the most lucrative platform for brands . Hungary Phone Number List Indeed with its improvements and the addition of features. Instagram remains the favorite social network for 15-35 year olds . Twitch and livestreaming there are several types of influencer communication. That can be done on twitch. For example, there is the shoutout which corresponds to. The evocation of a brand or a product by the streamer in his live. Also the unboxing which consists of opening a product. Or a gift sent by a brand. Finally, gamification campaigns are used to generate interest. The engagement rate on twitch is much. Higher than other social networks. Indeed, through the chat with which you can chat.

The Same Effect Vis-à-vis the Audience and the Brand

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Directly with the streamer contact is. Simpler and more intimate. What is the advantage of twitch for brands . Hungary Phone Number List The video format currently, on each social network video content is present. And tha because that’s what works! Indeed video content. Continues to attract audiences and consumers . Influencers can offer more creative and spontaneous things to their audience. The video format is therefore an essential part of influencer marketing. Long collaborations the commitment between a brand. And an influencer is really better perceived by. Listeners when it is sustainable . This proves that the influencer shares the values.

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