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As new linkedin is also working .Armenia Phone Number To maintain its leading position in the market . The platform has integrated new functionalities .And its interface has even been changed. A new interface for linkedin the change .In the interface of the application is a reform to be attributed. To the takeover of the company by microsoft. This change has been effective since September. 2019 and is in line with the development of its advertising tool. As a result, the platform is now similar .To Facebook to give advertisers more possibilities. With regard to their marketing strategies. The latter now have the choice between the following objectives. Notoriety conversion or consideration . Marketing objectives on linkedin ads .Marketing objectives on.

Linkedin Ads Strategy Is Therefore

Linkedin ads new features for linkedin. The integration of the stories format at linkedin aims . Armenia Phone Number To conform to the current trend on social networks. The stories format first started .With snapchat and then spread to other platforms. We can cite in the lot Instagram YouTube WhatsApp and Facebook. LinkedIn has also adopted the format. As soon as it has received a very good reception from. Internet users since 2018 a year of experimentation. In american universities . Far from being a simple entertainment tool.Linkedin has made its stories format a major professional asset. It allows you to publish, share with a target.

Thanks to the Development of Its Platform

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Of prospects, important moments during professional events. Recently a new advertising format was launched.Armenia Phone Number  Conversation ads . It aims to make conversations in the social. Network messaging more qualitative and personalized. This linkedin ads format offers added .Value to targeted prospects. Armenia Phone Number This can be downloading a white paper. For example or registering for a webinar for example. This completely new form of advertising is based on messages ads.Formerly known as sponsored inmail. Added to this is the possibility of integrating. Ctas and lead gen forms that will allow you to increase your notoriety. And generate leads more easily. Since conversations ads are an interactive format. Your target audience will be more engaged.

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