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In Spanish this is what we know as “Call to action” . They can be buttons. banners. images or hyperlinks. which invite the user to execute the action. These calls to action must be highlighted. that is. be visible. understandable. and be located in a privileged place on the page. That is why it is normal to see some pages with buttons at the top that say “buy”. “add to cart”. or “request more information” . If you follow these tips you will see that visitors to your website increase every day. Of course. keep in mind that to achieve results you need dedication and. above all. look at what your audience wants. You need to be clear about what motivates them and what interests them.

so you know what you can offer them. Take a look at two of the world’s most followed fan pages: Coca-Cola and Facebook . Why do you think they have been so successful? Surely you already understood that Cambodia whatsapp number list although promoting your business on Facebook seems simple. in reality you have to follow certain guidelines to obtain the best results. To start with. you can take these two examples as a reference and then get down to business with these 5 steps: What do you want to achieve? SME-FacebookDon’t make the mistake of opening a Facebook page without clearly stating what you want to achieve. Knowing where you want to go will help you define the content and actions of your strategy.

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So before you start. think about what you need. For example: I want to give my brand more visibility. I want to create a community of followers around my brand. I need to increase visits to my website. I need to generate more conversions (get more sales. expand my database or increase the number of subscriptions to specific content). Build your fan page Knowing what goal you want to accomplish. it’s time to create a fan page for your business. Although it seems obvious. you should always keep in mind that this will be a corporate space.

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completely separate from your personal profile. Never forget that everything that appears on your business page will be seen by customers. both regular and potential. That is why you must be very careful with the choice of images. especially the header and the logo . Make a content plan We will not tire of telling you that every action you take must pursue an objective and respond to prior planning. In the case of content. this is mandatory. Remember that what you post on your fan page will be the hook to attract and retain customers . If users don’t find anything interesting or appealing.

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they’ll just go elsewhere. SME-FacebookHere you have the option to post text. images. videos or a combination of all. To be organized. it is advisable to make a content matrix where you indicate what you are going to publish (divided by theme or format) and when you are going to do it (day and time). The ideal is to plan weekly to distribute everything and prepare what you need in advance. Generate interaction The grace of having a fan page is being able to interact with the audience. It is useless to publish the best content

if a two-way communication bridge is not established. That is why it is very important that you motivate users to participate. either through contests and activities or by asking questions to encourage conversation. It is also essential to respond to the comments of your customers. paying special attention to complaints or claims. Your audience should feel that someone is listening to them and doing what they can to improve the service. Advertise with Facebook Ads Advertising on Facebook is one of the marketing strategies preferred by SMEs worldwide.

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