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How to integrate the twitch video streaming .Latvia Phone Number List Service into your marketing strategy.With the global covid-19 pandemic, many brands find themselves helpless and must change the way they. Communicate to consumers in order to continue to exist in their eyes. Digital, which has been available to us for several years.Could be exploited more by these brands.Latvia Phone Number List To reach their target, a different target. Or even to swap an aging brand image for that of a trendy brand connected with its time. For a year now, with the boost of the health crisis. Twitch has experienced a meteoric rise in power, with nearly 6.3 billion hours watched for the first quarter of 2021. Twitch’s audience time has more than doubled in one. Year, which brands should take. Into account when carrying out their digital communication campaigns .

Since the Launch of Video Game Competitions

Twitch, what is it? Created in 2011. Latvia Phone Number List Then bought in 2014 by amazon for the sum of 970 million dollars. Twitch is a live video streaming platform. Historically, it is intended for video game enthusiasts. Who wish to share their center of interest with an audience. Viewerswho are mainly between 15 and 35 years old, can find live videos of their favorite influencers, but also reruns of these lives. The main advantage of twitch is the spontaneous and instantaneous interactivit. Thanks to a chat, with the streamers during the live broadcast. This digital format promotes the formation of close- knit communities around their idols and is experiencing a significant increase. The importance of community user engagement is very .

And Championships, Twitch Has Been

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Important on twitch. Indeed, to support their favorite streamers. They do not hesitate to put their hands in their pockets. By subscribing to monthly subscriptions .Latvia Phone Number List  giving access to additional advantages. For spectators such as replays, badges subscribers, particular emoticons, etc. The majority of the amount of these subscriptions is paid directly .To the streamers to remunerate them, and this. The viewers know it and do it by support . Also, a virtual currency system called “bits” allows viewers to donate live during broadcasts to streamers. What types of content are found on twitch. Currently, twitch offers very diverse video content, for different targets. Gaming originally, twitch was created to meet the needs of gamers to share their passion . It is obviously the first source of traffic on the platform. And it will remain so for a while.

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