The New Google Partners Program Postponed to the 2021

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The Expenses Must Accumulate at Least 10000 Euros

Experts contact us google. Switzerland Phone Number Partners report a few days ago. Google announced the postponement. Of the launch of its new google partners program to 2021. The health crisis that is affecting the whole. World at the moment will have served as a pretext. For the giant to finally postpone the implementation of its new measures.Initially planned for this summer. Google partner certification what is it. For those who don’t know, it is, among other things.A marketing program designed especially for advertising .Agencies and set up by google. However, it can also be used by anyone wishing .To benefit their business or brand name.

Simple Partner Badge for Example

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From the advantages of a google ads account. Online advertising professionals who use .Switzerland Phone Number Google ads should get certified. Even if even today, nothing demonstrates t.Hat this detail is enough to tip the scales in favor of one agency .More than another. The different certifications offered by google at google, there are .Two types of possible certifications. The first takes the form o.F obtaining the partner badge. The second by that of the premier partner badge. In view of the above it would be possible to ask .What real differences exist between these two certifications? Both have at least three similar criteria .Business performance spend, and certification . But it is at the level of the level of requirement. Of each of them that the situation changes.

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