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Thus, the establishment of a roadmap or a calendar devoted. To these major annual events will help you to understand all these special days. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Summer sales, back to school, and finally the holiday season. Here is a calendar full of practical advice that will certainly help you prepare your strategy. And your marketing campaigns for the coming year. Valentine’s Day, the feast of lovers Over the past decade. Valentine’s Day has become a key date on the digital commerce calendar almost everywhere in the world. First of all, here are some telling figures about this great commercial event. Which falls on February 14 of each year. More than 60% of French people celebrate Valentine’s Day.


At the top come the restaurants, because the couple’s dinner remains a classic of February 14th. Next, florists and jewelers rub their hands, followed by brands of beauty products. Perfumes, cosmetics, and chocolate makers! What is also interesting to observe, in recent years, is the increase in registrations. On dating platforms at the beginning of February. And the rental of sedans with private drivers, just to bring out the big game for an evening. memorable. Divide your inventory by demographics and interests You should try hard. To make it easier for your potential customers to find what they’re looking for on your site, as this can ultimately increase your chances of making sales. One of the best ways to do this is to segment all your available stock into categories and make those categories easily accessible from the homepage.



Who Enjoys Valentine’s Day The Most?

But in reality, you should consider further segmentation by product type to offer more options, like “Jewelry for her” or “Gifts for him”. You can also offer segmentation by price, as in the following example: “Valentine’s Day gifts for less than £100”. This is a tactic used by many e-commerce brands to improve user experience and encourage sales. Consider optimizing your keywords for maximum exposure If you haven’t yet added Valentine’s Day-related search terms to your product listings, it’s high time to think about it in early 2021. Keep in Kazakhstan Phone Number List  that the most conducive to Valentine’s shopping takes place one week before the event. Think about all the products and services we talked about above and separate them by themes (funny, romantic, unique, etc.), price level (low budget, medium/affordable price, luxury), and of course by type of product (jewellery, chocolates, flowers, etc.).


If you use Google Ads, also consider creating a campaign for the occasion using the chosen keywords. Before that, be sure to look at the search volume for each keyword, using a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner. 2- Easter, an opportunity to get together with family The star of Easter is, of course, chocolate. And on Sunday April 4, 2021, French chocolate consumption will explode again during this period, as every year. As a reminder: more than 70% of French people plan to buy chocolate for Easter, and around ¾ of the country’s population celebrates this day, which is basically one of the most important dates in the Christian calendar. Admittedly, the French still prefer to buy their box and their eggs from the chocolate maker, the bakery-pastry shop or even the supermarket. But the COVID-19 epidemic has largely contributed to changing mentalities.



Which Categories Of Consumers Are The Most Prominent?

We see that people who live in town boost purchases during the Easter weekend. But it is above all families with children who take advantage of this opportunity with, of course, the purchase of chocolate eggs for everyone, but also all kinds of decorative objects with an egg theme, whether cards wishes, toys, or trinkets. So, for your online store, consider preparing bundles/baskets of Easter-themed products, containing a mix of items that will suit different profiles: children, grandparents, spouses, and even pets! Thus, offering an “Easter Baskets” will allow customers to save money compared to buying each product separately, and it is also an opportunity for you to make promotions, introduce new products or sell a product that is difficult to sell. The main one being to encourage a purchase focused on Easter.

Easter is also an opportunity to send an original message for your business, and even if you do not sell chocolate or items related to this occasion, you can use your creativity to make original and fun advertising campaigns which play on Easter symbols (eggs, chocolate, bells, rabbit, etc.), with the aim of getting you noticed. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: to please above all Sundays May 30 and June 20, 2021 are dates to check off if you have an online store, because the French are increasingly using the internet to order gifts that will please their parents. Nearly 80% of French people celebrate Mother’s Day, compared to barely 65% ​​for fathers. These figures show that these two dates remain fantastic opportunities for your online business. To properly prepare for these two events, you could, for example, design a special “gift” guide on your online sales site.

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