The Reasons for the Data Leak the Million Facebook Users

Access to this data. Costa Rica Phone Number List The consequences of the leak of personal. Data the consequences of leaking facebook users’ .Confidential information can be two-fold. Indeed depending on the status of the victim. (individual or company), the consequences can vary widely. In the event that the victim of this incident is an individual.The consequences may be as follows. Losing the confidentiality. Of his information that was once private lose the trust of many people.Be exposed to any kind of danger related to the importance of the data. Losing a lot of opportunities money and credibility depending on the nature of the information.

As for the Second, Which Is Cloud Access Security Brokers

If it is a company that is affected by data leaks. It will suffer losses in several areas. A fall in the share price. Costa Rica Phone Number List A decline in customers, a loss of competitiveness, a decline in turnover. The company’s reputation can take a hit. In addition if she is not careful and reacts very quickly, this incident can cause her to fall permanently and she will also suffer sanctions. Additionally the cost implications of restoring reputation. Vary from company to company. The losses also depend on the field of activity of each company. For example if a bank is the victim of a leak, it will suffer more than a retail business. With all these consequences related to data leakage. What are the solutions to be safe or to get out of it. It security & gdpr to address.

It Has a Strength of Data Flow Analysis

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The data leakage problem experienced .By 533 million facebook users research has proven that it is possible. To curb the phenomenon or get away with it. For companies for example it is strongly recommended to manage. And protect access to personal data in order to ensure compliance with. The general data protection regulation (gdpr). Costa Rica Phone Number List This current security opportunity is intended to enhance. The security of personal data. To further protect data these companies. Have the option of using prevention tools such as data leakage and cloud. The first allows to mark the files and to give them a good confidentiality.

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