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Today, if you have the project to create a company or a traditional or online business, it is imperative to open a professional bank account. In this article, we are going to see which are the best pro banks in France for the coming year, 2021, which will certainly interest you if you are new to e-commerce or if you want to change banks. Implement an inbound marketing strategy Beginner Implement an inbound marketing strategy Implement an Oman Phone Number List  marketing strategy To download Because as you certainly know, every entrepreneur must have a bank account dedicated to their commercial activity since 2015, strictly separate from the personal account. In recent years, in France, the range of banking products and services has expanded and new players – mainly online banks – have come to compete with the country’s major banking establishments such as BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Credit Agricole, etc.

The choice of a professional bank for your business is an important choice, which must be carefully considered. All professional banks in France offer almost all the same services: access to an online professional account, a free bank card, etc. But you will have to take into account the specificities of your business. If, for example, you manage an e-commerce site, you will need a distance selling contract (VAD) to collect payments online. Obviously, the most important factor when you decide to open an account in a professional bank are the rates charged by it. What is the endpoint for engines like google to submit URLs for indexing?

These Are Called Neo-banks

And it is interesting to compare the prices of traditional banks and neo-banks, by closely analyzing the price of services, the various costs (account maintenance, bank card, irregularities, etc.), and the cost of access to online solutions, such as a mobile app or website. Traditional or online banking, it’s a big dilemma, and you will have to consider as many elements as possible before making your decision: service, security, means of payment, transparency, functionality and ergonomics of applications and websites, etc. . You will also need to consider the size and structure of your business. For example, the neo-bank Shine, which we will examine below, seems perfectly suited to support individual entrepreneurs and microentrepreneurs. You will also need to consider your main expectations. Do you want to benefit from advice?

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Additional services? The possibility of making international transfers? Would you like to be able to benefit from an overdraft? Possibility of taking out a loan. Of taking out a loan? So many questions to think about. It is now time to discover the 5 pro banks that we have selected for you. In order to establish a comparison of the most efficient banks. And to help you know which pro bank will be suitable for your company. Boursorama Pro Boursorama Banque has been offering a professional offer since 2017. This online bank has become a reference in France. And its formula dedicated to professionals aims above all to provide business leaders with simplified management resources, entirely online. Here is what Boursorama Pro offers you, for an unbeatable price, €9 per month, including tax, and free of charge.

In Addition, You Can Benefit From An Authorized Overdraft Capped

You are entitled to a current account accessible 24 hours a day on a mobile. Or web application, including innovative tools. Such as a digital safe or an integrated account aggregator. In addition, you can benefit from an authorized overdraft capped at €2,500 and a free Visa. Classic or Premier bank card. The latter will be appreciated by people who often go abroad. Another important thing is that Boursorama Banque does not charge fees abroad. For direct debits and SEPA-type transfers (in the euro zone). Another advantage provided by Boursorama Pro is the possibility of using a savings book. Called the Livret Pro, which is a real bonus if you have a lot of cash available at a given period. Use sitemaps to permit serps know about all your URLs. Search engines will go to sitemaps each few days.

Admittedly, it does not bring in much (0.05% gross per year). But that is due to the current situation. To be able to open a pro account with Boursorama. You simply have to be an entrepreneur or self-employed resident in France. All you have to do is send them the administrative documents relating to your business (URSSAF declaration, K-Bis, etc.) depending on your status. Note that Boursorama Banque offers €80 to all their new customers, as a welcome bonus! Boursorama Pro therefore represents a great choice for small entrepreneurs who no longer want to be bludgeoned by the big banks. The only regret is that you can’t get credit or deposit checks. Search engines will attempt to crawl the key.Txt record most effective as soon as to affirm possession after they receive a new key.

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