The Top Searches Made on Pinterest in Confinement Learning

As you know the social distancing measures .Oman Phone Number Implemented around the world have led to a total ban .On non-essential outings on the streets. However.The confinement did not only have negative repercussions. Many turn to inspirational. Platforms like pinterest to overcome their boredom. It is in this sense that the image sharin.G application has chosen to reveal the main research. Trends carried out on its platform last week. Engagement record reached on pinterest in the third week of april 2020 the numbers .Are impressive views on the various videos on the. Platform have increased by no less than 220% over the.

Read Recipe Highly Requested on Pinterest

Past year. If we compare with the tables created last yea.We see a clear increase of nearly. Oman Phone Number  Searches on pinterest meanwhile. Are up to more than 60%. Today, people are looking at whole paintings .More than ever. Here is a selection of the most popula.R searches on pinterest over the past seven days. Popular pinterest themes some .Of the most popular themes on pinterest during confinement. The domains most often found in the search bar .On pinterest if there is one credo that is taken up. By all during this period of confinement.Oman Phone Number  It is “Taking care of yourself”! Both inside and outside.Internet users are fond of recipe ideas and practical. Tips of all kinds. Oman Phone Number Cooking becomes child’s play first.The world of cooking has.

Learning Essential Care Then, the Tutorials

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Been completely revisited but above all made easier. Cooking every day is not in itself an easy thing. But finding the daily inspiration to make good dishes is downright superhuman. Internet users then flock to the platform to find recipe ideas. They all relate to famous desserts, traditional cuisine or even sometimes homemade drinks . The only watchword: “Simple and easy to make”.Oman Phone Number  The numbers speak for themselves. For example, the traditional bread r.Ecipe received almost 136% more searches than usual. Culinary tests are also c.Arried out for sweet formulas. Among them, it is above all the recipes for classic .Gastronomic desserts or those for drinks that have met with. Great success. Pinterest bread recipe the traditional b.

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