There Is No Doubt That Digital Transformation Is Changing The Way Businesses Operate


Empower your workforce The implementation of technological innovations at the heart of your business will also have positive effects on your employees who will become much more productive in their daily tasks. Working with streamlined processes means your teams will be able to complete all their tasks faster. Moreover, by integrating and  Afghanistan Phone Number List  digital transformation, your engineers are exposed to the most advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thus, the digital transformation offers them an opportunity to rely on these technologies and to capitalize, for example on the efficiency of the tools whose operation is based on AI, and to carry out their work more quickly. As they move from traditional paper and spreadsheets to smart applications to manage their businesses, they also have the opportunity to reinterpret and reinvent the way they do business, including how they interact with their customers.

More and more companies are now taking a step back and revisiting everything they do, from the internal systems and processes they use every day to the way they communicate with their customers. And the leaders of these companies, whatever their size, are asking themselves new questions: “How can I change my processes to add value to every customer interaction? » “Can my processes enable a better and personalized customer experience/relationship? » Concrete case study: Netflix Netflix is ​​an exciting case of successful digital transformation and customer engagement. The California-based company started as a simple mail-order movie rental service in the early 2000s, but eventually disrupted the entire physical video rental business. By leveraging digital innovation, Netflix has made video streaming possible at scale.


Digitization Has Not Only Allowed Netflix To Deliver Video Content Directly

Today, the American giant has almost replaced traditional broadcast. And cable TV networks by offering a huge library of on-demand content at extremely competitive prices. Digitization has not only allowed Netflix to deliver video content directly. To its customers on their laptop and mobile phone screens. But also to gain unparalleled insight into each viewer’s viewing habits and preferences. user. The massive amount of data collected allows Netflix. To better understand what its customers expect. And therefore to offer a better experience. Afterwards, all she has to do is buy or produce herself the films that interest the majority of her audience. For information, Netflix generated a net profit of more than 1.86 billion dollars in 2019! How can digital transformation benefit your business? 1. Streamline existing processes If you’ve been running a successful business for a few years.

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In a world where time is a luxury, no one can afford to spend hours and hours on redundant or mechanical business processes. By using the most modern digital technologies, certain elements of your business such as communication, data storage and analysis can become more adaptable and collaborative. In the medium and long term, this gives your company the means to maximize its results. When all your processes are streamlined, thanks to digitalization, you will no longer have to worry about unexpected and annoying bottlenecks. Digital processes enable rapid flow of information between departments and services, eliminate redundant tasks and thereby improve overall business efficiency. This has the effect of contributing to the reduction of operational costs associated with complex and time-consuming workflows. Digital business transformation avoids data and information bottlenecks and slowdowns.



Increase The Overall Efficiency Of Your Processes

Additionally, streamlined processes and increased efficiency mean that workflows can be adjusted quickly and easily, based on your changing business priorities and goals. Foster an environment conducive to growth With digital transformation comes a solidified and expanded customer base, increased customer engagement, efficient processes and automated workflows. And that’s why it’s hardly surprising that companies that implement this kind of change grow and grow more easily. For example, a business that has no online presence can certainly generate significant sales volumes through retailers and word-of-mouth. But by creating an optimized and reliable website, the business will be able to attract more customers than before. It simply means more opportunities to promote its products, more sales and, ultimately, increased profits. Additionally, by tracking the behavioral patterns, feedback, and comments of their existing customers, these businesses that have taken the digital leap can more easily create products that match their customer base.

On a personal level, your technicians and employees will acquire advanced skills that will go a long way. To boosting their personal professional development. How to build a digital transformation strategy? 1. Assess your industry The first step to achieving digital transformation for your business is simply. To look at what your peers are doing. So start by evaluating the strategic moves of your competitors. What is their digital strategy? Has digitalization had a positive impact on their business? What are the new customer expectations? etc These are essential questions to which you will have to provide answers. Before you can definitively switch to the digital world.

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