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Computers or most often connected tablets.Chile Phone Number  Regardless of their age. In addition many children connect for the. First time on a social network by lying about their real age. They are aware that they will not necessarily have .Access to the same type of content as that offered if they. Were considered adults. The role of parents remains essential at this level. They need to watch their children more. The brand strategy to target this audience the different brands are implementing more effective .Tactics to circumvent the rules established with. Regard to the exposure of minors on the web. The principle to promote their.

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Products in all subtlety. Chile Phone Number If advertising is limited or even made impossible.Other options are still available to them. When some introduce themselves squarely into the world of children. Speaking the same language as them others decide to exist now on the platforms on which their new target spends the most time. For example we have seen this with the lu brand.Which has completely revised its marketing strategy by focusing on the youtube ads tool . She quickly understood that children crave adventur.Nd simply decided to create a space in which each child would become their own hero. It pushes the imagination and the children adhere very well to the idea. When creativity becomes playful the sensitivity of young.

Which Children Are Very Fond of

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People is in turmoil. Chile Phone Number Other brands, meanwhile. Are working on the digitalization of the products they produce. The simplest way is to develop applications on which children could continue. Chile Phone Number Their play sessions outside the home see the stor.Y of the lego bran which has been able to develop its products in both physical and virtual form. Alongside this new influencers are also emerging. Their content is very specific, since it is aimed directly at children. It can therefore both b.E present on platforms dedicated to children or those for adult.Without appearing to pollute the audi

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