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To install a good SEO plugin in your WordPress if you have not already done so. Yoast SEO This will allow you to change the titles and descriptions that will be displayed in search engine results. Meanwhile, the categories, tags and attributes will remain in the menu of your web page. Go for it! 1. Optimize your website categories This is the starting point. Our goal is to help search engines index the products of your online store. In WooCommerce you can configure the main categories and also subcategories of products.

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you to set a title and a description for each of these categories. As you know, having a long descriptive title and extensive text that serves as a commercial presentation of your product can help you boost the visibility of your products on the Internet. However, there is a problem. If these long titles and blocks of text are displayed before the product listings in Guatemala Phone Numbers an ecommerce, the customer is thrown off. So let’s see how we can solve this problem. Create your website categories Before you start, download and activate an SEO plugin. In this case, we will use Yoast to exemplify how to do it. Within the WordPress admin, go to Products in the menu on the left.

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each category with a short title that fits easily within the menu. Add a description for each category, including keywords that help position it on the Internet. Later, you can link these keywords to relevant pages or content on your website. You don’t have to do it right away, but remember to link to them when they’re live to improve your business visibility. In the panel on the right, go to the category you just created and click “Edit”. If you’re using Yoast, scroll to the bottom of the edit page. There you can create a title and longer descriptions. Edit WooCommerce Categories These will show up in search engine results, but not on the category front-end.

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