This Marketer Turned Cookie-Cutter Landing Pages Into 120,000+ Leads: Find Out How

Marked by lack of originality or distinction.” “Exactly like others.” “Not enough attention is paid to individual differences.” In a marketing world where thousands of similar businesses are vying for the same customers, this type of marketing simply won’t cut it.You’ve heard it before: The only way you’ll catch your audience’s attention is through relevant, unique content. It’s about hitting one customer with a latte ad before they realize it’s only noon and they’re already exhausted, and another with a cold brew promo because dang, it’s hot where they live. While these tailored experiences once seemed serendipitous—they’re now expected by your customers.

But what’s the fine print? Endless amounts of time? A sizable marketing team? Six arms? Let’s be real—small businesses don’t have the resources to manually tailor their content to each and every prospect.

So, what if we told you we know a guy (hear us out) who came up with a scalable way to create relevant marketing experiences? Better yet, what if we told you there’s proof that it delivers results? (It’s scored him heaps of viable ad campaigns and over 120,000 leads.) The best part is you can do it yourself. So stick around for the 3-step guide at the end of this post. Bring a blank landing page, Smart Traffic, and your marketing know-how.

On a Mission To End Cookie-Cutter Marketing

So… who’s “this guy?”

Christian Krohn is the founder of Patient Clicks, a marketing agency that serves independent paramedical clinics, including physiotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care. He’s spent over 20 years in the industry himself—from owning clinics to running the marketing department for a large national chain.

Over his years in the biz, he’s noticed a glaring problem: This industry is overrun by cookie-cutter marketing. All websites, ads, and landing pages look the same, making it pretty darn difficult to capture the attention of new patients. He explains:

Bob’s physiotherapy does one thing, and then Susan’s physiotherapy comes along and sees what Bob does, so Susan copies Bob. Then James copies Susan. And before you know it, everyone’s kinda doing the same thing. — Christian Krohn, Unbounce Customer and Owner, PatientClicks

In other words, there was a huge opportunity Pakistan Mobile Number to help clinics create marketing material that stands out. So when he created Patient Clicks in 2018, his mission was pretty clear: to eliminate cookie-cutter marketing.

Relevant Marketing Experiences Really Pay Off

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Christian’s marketing brings the best of both worlds. He lands more leads and patients for his clients and reduces their cost per conversion and cost per acquisition: “That’s the name of the game. We want [our clients] to pay as little as possible to acquire a new patient.” Saving money, growing revenue—that’s music to any small business owner’s ears. Some of his clients are seeing hundreds of thousands of additional annual revenues. Relevant marketing isn’t just about pleasing your customers. It’s shaping up to be a huge competitive advantage.

25 Clients, 300 Locations, 120,000+ Leads—How Does He Do It?!

With his clients’ clinics spanning 300 locations, Christian’s gotta deliver relevant content to many different visitors. And heck—it’s not like he has time to manually create 300 different landing pages for each campaign, either.

So he doesn’t. He uses landing page templates.

Flabbergasted? I was too. It kinda sounds like Christian is fighting cookie-cutter marketing with cookie cutters.

Then he explained they aren’t any ol’ templates. He created his own templates tailored to these industries.  Traditionally, this would involve months of split testing and loads of ad spend. But that’s not how he did it. He used Unbounce’s conversion intelligence tool, Smart Traffic.

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