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But not just on your homepage, as your customers are likely to arrive at your website through different pages. A beautiful banner is a simple, yet effective way to grab attention. Placed at the top of all the pages of your website, including the home page, it Sweden Phone Number List  set the tone for this period when promotions and reductions make Internet users happy. Bet on colors and animations that are both powerful, but which also respect the identity of your brand, the nature of your usual audience, and the graphic charter of your e-commerce site. Think pop-ups about your best promotions, but don’t overdo it, because most people find these intrusions very annoying.

If possible, create a “sales” section in your main menu, or a floating bar dedicated to sales that will appear on all pages of the site, and that you can hide when the sales are over. To do this, do not hesitate to see what the competition is doing to find inspiration, and to visit specialized sites, such as this one: Do not skimp on advertising SMS, mass emailing campaigns, it’s good, but to put the odds on your side, and explode your turnover, do not hesitate to provide an advertising budget for the event, in order to aim beyond the organic traffic that these marketing actions that we will describe as basic will bring you.


As A Result, Consider Running A Campaign With Google Ads

Or Facebook Ads to highlight your flagship products, with high added value, and attract even more traffic to your site. Conclusion: Be careful, because we learne a few days ago that the 2021 winter sales. which were to start on Wednesday January 6 and end on Tuesday February 2 have been postpond by government decision to January 20. The end of the sales is now schedule for February 16. This decision had been studied in high places for at least a few weeks, and the main players in the trade in France are not surprised.

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The reason for this change in schedule is, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic. This measure should be able to allow traders to get back on track after these few weeks of confinement which have been disastrous, especially for physical points of sale. The postponement of the winter sales will give stores the opportunity to save time and sell non-sale products normally for almost three weeks at the start of 2021, and therefore to replenish their cash, before selling their merchandise from January 20.


The Configuration Of The Cost Per Impression Can Be Useful

However, certain departments in eastern France. Such as Moselle, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Vosges, and Meuse. Should benefit from a derogation due to their particular geographical location. Close to the Belgian and Luxembourg borders. And German. Two types of auction, two strategies CPC – cost per click You are charge. When a user clicks on your ad and ONLY if they click. This does not guarantee the action of the prospect behind the click. But guarantees that you will only be charge on an action of the prospect. Tip: “You can specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click.

CPM – cost per impression The configuration of the cost per impression can be useful in the context of campaigns. That wish to reach a maximum of prospects in terms of visibility. Here we do not focus efforts on prospect actions. But on high visibility on the network. “You pay up to your maximum bid for every 1000 times your ad is display”. And third-party cookies no longer supporte by major browsers. Marketers have both the opportunity and the obligation. To put consumers at the forefront of their marketing strategy. The end of third-party cookies offers brands and companies the opportunity. To build a new relationship of trust with their customers.


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