This way you get customer feedback

We had already mentioned them, but don’t forget the employees in the customer experience story. They play an important role in this. Employees who are comfortable in their own skin and enjoy working are more productive, more creative and less absenteeism. Their enthusiasm is contagious and has a positive influence on the working atmosphere and allthiiconveyed to customers.

Long-term partnerships

Getting customer feedback and customer. experience into the DNA of your organization is in any case not a matter of doing a customer satisfactiosurvey in between. It is an integral process that requires continuous attention, whereby you must have a strategic plan with goals that you can focus on.

A customer-oriented culture is essential for this. At Integron we prefer to work with our clients on the basis of a multi-year programme. So not from a one-off project or research, but from a strategic plan for several years, where the focus is not on doing research,

Cameroon Phone Number but on the goal to be achieved in relation to ambition and growth. We act as an implementing and advising partner in this. It is important that our customer/client shares the same vision, because you work on the same goals and principles that really allow you to get more out of customers and employees.

Engaged employees for the best customer experience.

Thanks to a good internal organization you get enthusiastic and loyal employees who ultimately have an impact on the enthusiasm and loyalty of your customers. Good for customer retention , your turnover and profit figures. Therefore, also actively involve employees in customer experience surveys. Involve them in the goals that have been set in the longer term, what the content of the research program is and make employees with a lot of customer contact, for example, jointly responsible.

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