Tiktok the App That Does Well During Confinement Tiktok

Containment benefits since the. Turkey Phone Number Strengthening of the rules of social distancing. Internet users have for the most part. Fallen back on the web. And if the connection peaks have been. Reached since the start of this confinement on almost all platforms. Tiktok sees the age range of its audience widen even more. Indeed the said social network which until then was. Of very little interest to the generation over 20. Is now a key place for intergenerational encounters. Increase in downloads during the month. Of march according to the sensortower site.No less than 65 million download.S were recorded in the month of march alone.

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A remarkable spike in growth. Turkey Phone Number Essentially linked to the increasingly widespread .Containment on a global scale. No matter their age internet users try to take care of themselves. As best they can during this period. When some have gone back to. Cooking and reading, others have taken up sports, while still others prefer to spend more time on the web. Thanks to its ergonomics,tiktok hands down the .Gold medal in this frantic fight against boredom among internet users. The brands that seemed to have an interest in .The platform are delighted that the containment has widened the panel of the network’s target.

New Collaborations With the Platform’s

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The dissemination of awareness messages. On tiktok the platforms multiply the messages inviting their. Turkey Phone Number Users to stay at home. All governments around the world advocate it. The fight against coronavirus can only be done for the m.Oment by limiting travel. Thus, the first to suffer the effects of this confinement are obviously the traders. Concerned about the fate reserved for their activity. They hasten to invest social networks. Their strategy: succeed in putting themselves. Forward while conveying awareness messages aimed at fighting the pandemic. Turkey Phone Number It’s hard to combine these two points on platforms that are abov. All supposed to be entertaining. In this game tiktok participates. The platform also sets up the hashtag #happyathome which registers.

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