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presence was no longer relevant. It was better to promote new products that were better satisfying consumer needs. ngCaribú was a company that was born in 1948 as an initiative of the Ángel family and that over time became a corporation with textile investors and other investors. By 1994. the company decided to suspend exports to several countries due to the revaluation of the Colombian peso and the international situation of clothing prices. His strategy then focused on national sales. But the end would come in March 2009. after 61 years. The company left the market citing mainly the economic crisis. direct production costs that did not make the business profitable.

And competition from garments that arrived from the East at very low prices. What can we learn? It is important to analyze the scenario on a Croatia whatsapp number list large scale to determine critical or vulnerable points that our business may have. It is necessary to anticipate the behavior of the market and the economy to establish actions that minimize risks. Always try to be one step ahead. Conclution It doesn’t matter how solid we are as a company or how much tradition supports us. The really important thing is to be prepared for moments of crisis (which will be many) because these are our Achilles’ heel and can lead us to failure.

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These companies and brands disappeared for various reasons: strategic decisions. debts. lack of preparation for the opening of markets. etc. The key here is that we learn from these experiences. Do you remember any other companies or brands that we will never hear from again? Do you want to tell us about the case? Choosing a school for children is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions that parents make during their lives. hence the importance of offering a spectacular website that facilitates this complex decision and. above all. that gives them the peace of mind of knowing that they chose well. Like any business. schools must pay attention to captivating their audience and potential customers (parents) through the web.

Croatia whatsapp number list

But why do it? If you offer educational services. I invite you to continue reading and learn about the 7 benefits of websites in education – as part of a comprehensive educational marketing strategy – and how you can take advantage of it. And this web page… what is it for? Like any company. a school or educational entity does not escape the need to have an Internet site. Why? Because without it it would be very difficult to make yourself known among so much competition and. of course. because the market is demanding it. Now. what are those benefits? Let’s see… Website-educationVisibility : If they didn’t know about your institution.

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website can help you with this and get noticed 24 hours a day. Having a website means. for example. that if someone doesn’t have your phone number at hand or someone talks about you and wants to know more. the person simply looks for you on the web and finds you quickly and easily. Accessibility : People can enter at any time and from any computer. Today a large part of Internet searches come from mobile devices (Google points out that 40% of the searches that Colombians do in their search engine are done from a mobile). so make sure your website looks good on a cell phone. tablet. or laptop. It is your institutional showcase

It is the best way to make known not only your image. But also your values. mission and pedagogical project. As well as disseminating current news or special activities organized by your school. It is your platform to show a differential : There are hundreds or thousands of pages of educational institutions found on the web. If your content makes it clear what your differential is with respect to the competition. you will have a great deal of ground gained. It can position itself as a reference : Parents look for a school that really knows what it does and that is why they do not leave their children’s education in the hands of just anyone.

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