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As they are the simplest to be created. Distributed and consumed by your customers. With a word processor like word. Google docs or libreoffice writer . Which is free. You can easily write your ebook and save it in pdf or epub format. Which are the most common formats for marketing this type of content. Advantages of choosing the ebook as your digital product: instant delivery to the customer: no headache to send your product to the consumer. It is possible to automate the delivery of the file and the customer himself will download the ebook. The client will be able to access the material on any device compatible with the file. Which facilitates its study.

Once the ebook has been saved on your cell phone or computer. There is no need for internet to access it. Ebooks are ideal formats for simpler content. Easy to assimilate and that do not require visual demonstration. Many teachers and digital producers choose ebooks as the gateway to their online courses. It’s a good way to test your content and improve it to make more elaborate material. Such as video lessons. 262 2. Video classes videos are always successful. Especially when people are involved. Video production will require more dedication. But in return. It can bring more quality to your online course. Video classes are ideal for materials that need demonstration. Such as cooking classes.

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Learning is much easier when the student has visual examples of what to do at each step. A very simple way to create a product in the form of video lessons is Hungary phone number to prepare a suitable environment to teach the proposed topic. Nowadays. Some cell phones have great image capture and if you have a good device. You can start your video lessons that way. There is also the possibility of renting recording equipment or hiring a professional to capture and edit your material. In addition. For your videos to be of acceptable quality. You need to research a little about lighting and ensure that the audio is transmitted clearly. Without noise. Invest in a lavalier or directional microphone for clear audio.

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If you don’t do well in front of the cameras . You can invite an expert to talk about it. You can also make your videos in interview format and make the recording part of your digital product. If you are interested in producing this type of digital product. Visit our post on how to make a good video . Which will help you a lot throughout the process! 262 3. Screencasts we already had a specific post about screencasts here on the blog. But it’s worth highlighting this media here again. Screencasts are the fastest and easiest way to create a video. For those who don’t know. Screencasts are videos filmed from the computer screen. Like those tutorials that teach you how to use some software or website. In the case of screencasts. It is also essential that you have a microphone to capture your voice without noise.

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As they are the faithful transmission of the computer screen. It is interesting to add some features. Such as a soundtrack to make the tutorial more dynamic. 4. Audiobooks audiobooks are narrated and compressed books. Usually in mp3 format. Speaking of online courses. It is interesting to prepare a script so that your audiobook makes a logical sense in spoken language and is pleasant to listen to. Once you already have the content. Audiobooks are quite easy to produce. Just having a good quality microphone and a place isolated from external noise. The advantage of the audiobook is that people can put it on their ipod. Smartphone or any other audio player and listen to your message while doing other things. Depending on the type of audience.

This is a very effective medium. The audiobook can be very useful. For example. For those who spend a lot of time in traffic. 5. Podcasts podcasts are audio recordings that often simulate radio shows. Usually its content is based on interviews or discussions among a small group of people. They can be recorded at conferences via the internet. Using skype for example. And like audiobooks. They have the advantage of being consumed through players such as ipods and smartphones. While the listener performs other activities. 6. Members area members areas. Member sites. Membership program or simply membership. Are sites of private content. Restricted to authorized members only.

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