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A help against turnover Another example: An American    insurance company. Curbed the high turnover rate thanks to sophisticated data analysis. Identifying the employees most at risk of leaving the company . These were people in small teams, with managers performing below average. Who had waited a long time between one promotion and another. The insurer used the bonuses to keep them. Without great results: changing  teams and managers. As suggested by the analytics, proved to be much more effective.

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Previously, the bank’s HR department followed the  simple Venezuela Phone Number rule that. The best talent comes out of the most prestigious universities. More sophisticated analyzes showed, however, that the highest. Performing managers came from five specific universities. Three certification programs; moreover. The top performers had previous experience in specific roles within the organization. Which therefore acted as a valid training tool. The Asian bank has thus decided to apply the new knowledge both in the methods by. Which it chooses the candidates to be hired. In the measurement of performance in the company. In the assignment of managerial roles. The conversion rate of new hires to permanent hires has also improved. Demonstrating that current choices are more aligned with business needs.

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Effectiveness that rhymes with equal opportunities Another company. Operating in the professional service delivery sector, has begun to use advanced automation tools for the first screening of resumes. Not only did it save time and money, with a 500% return on investment. But greater effectiveness: with automation. Screening revealed 15% more CVS of women – again based on merit – than the manual one.

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