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With this free Google service, you will be able to provide basic information, but very useful for customers, such as the opening hours of your store, the address of your website, your telephone number, etc. And then you have the possibility to add photos highlighting your shop, your services, your products, etc. Propose commercial operations that Canada Phone Number List Database    several sales channels Before you can attract significant traffic to your physical point of sale, it is essential to conduct online promotional campaigns. Through so-called “push” devices, for example, by sending emails or text messages. The principle of this type of operation is to offer promotions and exclusive offers from a digital, web or mobile channel, in order to encourage people in front of their PC, tablet, or smartphone to come and visit your point. physical sales.

A loyalty program, where customers only need to create an online account to be able to benefit from all kinds of advantages in stores, is also a great way to create a bond with your customers and build loyalty. It goes without saying that this type of program must be accessible from your brand’s mobile application. Offer impeccable and attractive product pages The basis, in order to be able to attract consumers and sell your products, is to offer a fast website where you can find what you are looking for easily. Take care of your product description sheets, with quality photos and videos. Make sure that these product sheets are consistent, regardless of the channel on which they are distributed (website, marketplace, mobile application, etc.).


Here Are Some Tools And Solutions That Will Boost Your Web-to-store Strategy

To geolocate your store: mobile applications like Waze are capable of displaying geolocated ads. And thereby signaling the presence of your store. To motorists when they arrive in the area. To manage your customer relationship on a single channel. RingCentral Engage Digital will allow you to manage a lot of things. In terms of customer interaction on a single platform (emails, forms, social networks, messaging, etc.). To centralize all of your product information: opt for an Afineo PIM-type product information management platform. Which will be useful for organizing your media. Easily centralizing your product information. And avoiding publishing content that already appears on other websites.

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The drive-to-store The drive-to-store. As we have previously explained, is a strategy that aims to attract the public to a physical point of sale. But unlike web-to-store, it focuses mainly on mobile media. For your business, drive-to-store is synonymous with many advantages. You will generate traffic and get your hands. On local leads by guiding them to your point of sale. How? ‘Or’ What ? By providing them with a precise route thanks to geotargeting. And don’t forget why drive-to-store is on the rise: almost 80% of the French population owns a smartphone. And people use their mobile device on average for more than 2.5 hours a day. There are currently several drive-to-store techniques. Which necessarily overlap with those we have mentioned for web-to-store, and which we will develop below.


Google Also Recently Launched A “google Protection” Badge


Localized Ads/Ads We are talking here about a strategy. Whose goal is to inform people in a limited area, near your store. And then to direct them to your point of sale. Mobile ads or push ads can be used for this purpose.  And unsurprisingly, it is to Google and Facebook that we must turn in order to hope to reach as many people as possible. Google also recently launched a “Google protection” badge in France. Which actually corresponds to a Local Services Ads program. It gives the possibility to businesses that request it to broadcast advertisements in your geographical area. The purpose of this badge is to stand out from the competition. By being more visible on Google search results. Plus, mobile users can easily contact you from the Local Services ad. And they can even book an appointment.

The contests We see more and more contests appearing as a technique to bring mobile users. To points of sale, by encouraging them to play a game. Which begins with the withdrawal of a registration form in your store. We can also think of a raffle that takes place in your shop. This is your chance to use the power of social networks like. Facebook to share your game and expand its reach. Conclusion Finally, there are many other methods. Some of which were mentioned in the first part (click and collect and discount offers).


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