Towards a Generalization the Mobile First Index Imfin 2020

Application is only available on iOS. Ecuador Phone Number It is currently in the test phase. In five countries including belgium.Colombi Spain the united states and Ukraine. Hobby app interface hobby app. Interface no one knows how far the development of .This application will really go, but still it is necessary to observe it to see how it intends to evolve over time. Who knows maybe the test phase will prove conclusive. In the eyes of its designers? Google ended up announcing .Last February that the passage in the mobile first index. Will be made mandatory and therefore generalized. To all websites by the end of 2020. Small novelty also.

So What Will Happen to All These

Announced: the search console. Ecuador Phone Number Now proposes to send messages directly to webmasters. To notify them once their sites have indeed met. The essential conditions for validation of the mobile version. This important step is not negligible, because. It will better reassure them as to the effectiveness of their integration. In the mobile first index. For those who still have doubts you can check if. Your site is mobile-friendly thanks to adapted tools . Announcement in 2016 of the Implementation of a new indexing reference. As a reminder since its creation google had always relied on the desktop .Version of a site to analyze the web pages.

Sites Found to Be Non-compliant With Google’s New

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To be indexed on its search engine. Ecuador Phone Number In November 2016 everything changed when. He announced that indexing will now be. Ecuador Phone Number Based on the mobile version, as a priority. Indeed, this change. Is based on the simple observation made by google. On the connection and search habits of its users. More and more people .Prefer to browse via their smartphone to the detriment.Ecuador Phone Numberv  Of browsing on computers and other media. This new benchmark called indexation mobile first. Gives mobile first priority over its counterparts (tablets and computers). What future for non-compliant sites many questions still hang over th. General implementation of such a system. Many mainly concern the fate reserved .For sites whose pages are still not conducive t. Mobile browsing.

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