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Formula E used this resource to let its fans know that they are still present and that they are aware of what happens on a day-to-day basis. After the 2018 World Cup in Russia. the Apertura 2018 tournament of the Mx League is the sporting event that brands and television stations seek to capitalize on. For soccer teams. it is also presented as a great opportunity due to the number of jerseys. tickets and other items with their brand that they can market. This Friday one of the meetings is played that. at least in marketing terms. promises a lot; We talked about the meeting between Atlas and Chivas. This last team represents one of the strongest brands in national soccer.

a position that translates into great business for those companies and entrepreneurs involved with it. It is enough to recognize that. until the beginning of last year. according to the Euromericas Sport Marketing France whatsapp number list agency. the Guadalajara shirt was the best-selling in the American continent. Chivas sold more than 2 million jerseys (2.345.000 jerseys to be exact) and beat its closest rival. Boca Juniors. by just over 100.000 jerseys . After a losing streak and games without victories. this team faces its regional rival in what has been described as the “classic Guadalajara” on which the red and white squad has not stopped promoting. In this line. an alleged crash of its official website could be part of these efforts.

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after for a few hours. visitors to said web page. instead of seeing the usual images and sections. found an apparent code made up of numbers. where 11 letters stood out. Are you looking for a job too? By eliminating all the numbers and putting the letters in order of appearance. the message “GDL es Chivas” could be read. a message that arrived a few days before the next match of the Guadalajara squad was played. The fact was alerted on social networks by the user identified as Ale Alerte. who received the response from the vice president and general director of the Omnilife-Chivas Group. Amaury Vergara. who assured that the brand’s technicians were already working to restore the service.

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A strategy that could have been and was not? Although it would be risky to say that this movement was part of a promotion strategy by the Flock’s communication body. the truth is that the “hidden message” puts on the table a secondary intention. which gains strength with the specific message of the manager . However. what could have been a publicity strategy prior to their next meeting became the trigger for criticism for the team itself. where fans. followers and users of social networks made evidence of the ineffectiveness that the sports team has had. on the pitch at least so far in the tournament. Social networks have become a great catalyst for both brands and teams.

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as well as for television stations and sponsors on their. Way to making each of their investments profitable. Which are not minor and represent a big business. Until 2016. for example. it was estimated that in. Mexican soccer there were 34 teams (Liga MX and Ascenso MX). With a combined value of 2 thousand 167 million dollars. While according to data provided by the consultancy MX Sports. Together those rights they were trading on average at 144 million dollars in 2013 and by 2015 the value grew to 398 million dollars . An increase of 2.7 times. Without a doubt. social networks and other. Digital spaces can work to make these figures grow; however.

everything depends on the accuracy and strategy. With which these interaction spaces made up of users. Generally. the marketing teams work together with the design and marketing teams. Among others. to create clothing for a soccer club in order to connect with its fans and even. Attract the attention of potential new followers or strategic partners. And that they acquire the product as much as possible. Although they try to respect the colors of the team or the design of their uniforms. Sometimes they seek to be disruptive. In most cases that strategy does not work.

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