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Google presented us with two new types of tags.Croatia Phone Number  Namely the howto”and the faq. The first allows you to pin tutorial -type content .While the second highlights the various questions very. Often asked about a given subject. What is the howto tag used for.Google has officially added the “howto” tag to its structured data testing tool. To optimize the passage of its robots on each of the pages .Of a site what better than to help them by integrating even more .Detailed information on the content? The “Howto” tags are part of this perspective. They allow guide-type pages to be better indexed in google’s database. All these improvements have the sole purpose. Of improving the analyzes made by google’s robots.

Certain Conditions Remain in Particular

Thanks to beacons how-to google Google’s how-to tag contrary to what. Croatia Phone Number One might imagine, this tag does not only include text. It can also take into account images and video content. The integration of the how-to tag greatly improves the use of the voice assistant. It makes it possible to indicate in particular that the contentsIn the first place.  Of the page to be examined is a set of successive steps whose purpose is the execution of a task.Croatia Phone Number  In other words.In the first place.  it signals the presence of a guide. An instruction manual. Designed to achieve a very specific result. Google. Home howto tag overview of the howto tag on googl.E home benefit of such a tool made.

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Available it should still be noted that the .Howto tag is not taken into account for the. Positioning of a site on google. However this new feature is not to be overlooked either. Since it not only increases the visibility of a website. But also and above all indirectly. Improves the click rate and traffic. That said if you want to examine the structured data of the pages of your site you always have at your disposal a test tool set up by google allowing you to do so. Note that the .Howto tag is already available to everyone. In any country in the world and in the. Croatia Phone Number Language of your choice. However it is only available on portable .Devices (phones and tablets) and therefore not on computers. Some conditions to respect to benefit from the visibility of enriched results.

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