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Benet Marcos told us about the need to segment content according to niche and be very specific. He referred to the fact that one of the main problems of SMEs is that they create content thinking of selling and not building customer loyalty. Edwin Amaya The Central American of our selection of bloggers is Edwin Amaya. a Guatemalan who for years had the dream of starting a business and who finally achieved it in 2007 with the creation of his blog 1000 business ideas . From Edwin we can learn very valuable lessons: everything is about trial and error. along the way we have to adjust our strategies.

we must adapt to changes in the market and have an innovative mind. Conclution These 10 experts from marketing . innovation and business represent some of the best blogs for SMEs and offer us business Chile whatsapp number list lessons that we cannot ignore. They teach us. broadly speaking. the importance of perseverance. innovation. always thinking about how we can generate value for the client and generate long-term relationships with our public. Thank you to these 10 bloggers who are so “cute”. for having been part of this e-book ( which you can download for free here).

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opening a space in your agendas and allowing us to get to know you. Without a doubt. his teachings will be very well received by the Publishing Community. PS/ This is not a list of the 10 best blogs (there are many more blogs that are also very good); it is just a selection of bloggers that we felt had interesting things to say and from which we could learn. In the process of searching and contacting bloggers. we meet women who are experts on these issues; however. it was not possible to arrange an interview with them. A web page cannot work miracles on its own. In reality. it is just one of the essential components of a marketing strategy.

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To see results. it is necessary to develop several actions that work in harmony and form a campaign with unity and coherence. That is why web pages are usually implemented accompanied by other elements such as. for example. a guideline in Yellow Pages . These articles might also interest you: [Infographic] 10 benefits that your SME will find in the yellow pages Why does being in the Yellow Pages improve your search engine rankings? 7 reasons why you should be in the Yellow Pages vsinfo infographic in high resolution CONCLUSION.

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Don’t settle for just one strategy to drive your business. Combining two or more options is the best option to achieve better results in less time. So take advantage of the benefits of Yellow Pages and your website to achieve the perfect complement. Is your Facebook Ads campaign not giving you good results? Maybe it’s because you’re making typical beginner mistakes that you need to eradicate right now. The truth is that although it seems simple to develop an advertising strategy on this social network. It takes practice and some time of “trial and error” to get the most out of it and see convincing results.

So to start getting on the right track. take a look at your Facebook advertising campaign and avoid the following. Not having a clear objective or not choosing it well seems incredible. But there are still businesses that start creating. Facebook ad campaigns without knowing what they want to achieve. Or worse yet. they think all they need to do is increase the number of Likes on their Fan Pages. In reality. like any advertising campaign. Facebook strategy must respond to clear. specific and measurable objectives. Facebook will present you with 10 different goals for your campaign.

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