Understanding Data In The

What are the emerging and most requested professional Jordan Phone Number figures for. Data analysis in this era of digitization of processes in many sectors?. And how to find train the skills necessary to create these figures.  These are some of the questions that the conference New skills. New professions in the world of data will try to answer.

Understanding Data In The Public And Private

The management, analysis and communication of data Jordan Phone Number today takes on a priority value for the development of strategically targeted projects by both private companies and public administrations. Many universities and research centers are dedicating specific courses to the training of “Data Scientists”capable of combining statistical.  IT and managerial skills to provide top management with interpretations of the immense amount of data produced by. The interactions between people between people and machines between machines themselves.

Jordan Phone Number

Director of the Econometric Studies and Economic Forecasting Service of Istat. Vice President of the General States of Innovation; Franco Patini, Member of the Training Steering Committee of Nonindustrial Digitale; and Claudio Sartori, Full Professor of the Department of Computer Science, Science and Engineering of the University of Bologna .

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