What Is the Interest of Weloge to Use Clubhouse Digital

Presence on social networks the weblog componyJordan Phone Number List  Is very present on social networks such as instagram. Youtube facebook linkedin and even tiktok. This hyper connectivity is extremely beneficial for weloge. Because it allows it to improve its communication. Which is very important when evolving as a pure-player. It is therefore quite natural that the startup took place on clubhouse. We lodge on clubhouse every Wednesday, the startup invites . Experts in the real estate field to a room called ” digital and real estate. ” to present digital solutions and discuss them with listeners. The target of these discussions is mainly players in th.E real estate sector such as real estate agents. Agents promoters, notaries, architects.

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Etc. The format of this social network is quite . Jordan Phone Number List Conducive to exchanges between all participants, everyone can spea.K when they feel like it. According to Samuel de saint Laurent, digital strategy. Manager at we loge, clubhouse is a benevolent social network because. It is only based on discussion. No code from other social networks is taken over.Such as likes or sharing, which are not a form of exchange strictly speaking. The contributions of the social network. For weloge this chat room allows weloge to meet many stakeholders. In the real estate field to offer ever more complete. And efficient services to its customers . For example, the former ceo of orpi presented a free. Solution for sharing assets between agencies.

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Ddition weloge was able to meet. Jordan Phone Number List Jv conceals a real estate tax training company, which enabled them. To expand the training offer for employees and a new company. Called monsieur renovation which is an important partner for the. Establishment quotes for work to carry out home-staging in the paris region. In short clubhouse is the social network favored by weloge .To share knowledge with real estate players . It is all the more appreciated. Currently with the health crisis which does little to promote social or professional exchange.Continue to generate significant profitability. Despite all this investors took advantage of the news .And drove Alibaba shares up 9% on the hong kong. Stock exchange after

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