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However, it requires having an active profile for more than 7 days and having several relationships on your personal profile. It is also request to be designate as responsible for the company or to be an employee of the company. Last constraint, the e-mail address you use must be professional. That is to say contain the domain name of your company, addresses of the Gmail type will therefore not be accepte. If you have the above Saudi Arabia Phone Number List then you can go to the next step: The creation and configuration of your business page: To the right of your “you” profile icon , click > products > business solutions > create a company page. Creating a business page This is where you will configure your company page, the company name must be consistent and identical to your profile, the public URL can be personalized.

Set up your business page In general and beyond advertising, creating a business page will allow you to gain more visibility and strengthen your brand awareness. Do not forget to fill in all the fields such as the description of the company. It must be creative and committed, write or have written a description with high added value, the logos, images and URL of the company must be placed here. Do not neglect these steps to complete correctly and cleanly. This will save you from coming back to it later. Take the opportunity to appoint administrators of your page who will be collaborators with publication rights on the company page. Creating a page provides access to all publication types. Back to the Campaign Manager, Let’s discover together the different types of advertising sponsored content Only available to Business Page holders, this is the first choice available.


Your Position Must Therefore Appear In The Experience Section

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between ad content and regular content, and that’s the point! In the context of Linkedin, it is a question of displaying your content directly in the news feed of the network. It offers precise targeting using Linkedin’s internal database. By clicking on the first choice: Sponsored content. You will need to indicate the name of the campaign, its group (if you wish (it is possible to create a group at this time by clicking on the link below) and the language of the target audience. Regarding the language of the audience, we are talking here about the language of your prospects. Choose American English for advertisements broadcast on the American market or French for France.

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Sponsored content Define the strategy: What do you want to achieve with your campaign? Define the strategy: What do you want to achieve with your campaign? The strategic choice here is relatively simple, whether you have a landing page or a landing page. This is the number 1 choice you will have to make, because it sends Internet users directly to your website. Be careful in this choice to work well on your tunnel so that the ad you are going to create corresponds to your landing page. Option number 2 allows you to create a landing page directly from Linkedin, practical if you want to quickly optimize your tunnel without worrying about redirects, links, and conversion tracking.


This Is Targeted Native Advertising.

The last option number 3 concerns the video. This is about uploading a video to the Linkedin server to promote it. We will choose option number 2 here: that is to say, the creation of a marketing strategy. From start to finish with Linkedin. Lead generation on Linkedin is one of the strengths of the network. Once again, it is a question of making 3 choices: Lead generation on Linkedin A word about carousel: Very recently announced, the carousel format is THE fashionable format in 2018. With the explosion in the use of smartphones, the carousel advertising format offers an enriching experience for your prospects, using the horizontal swipe. It’s up to 10 visuals that your prospects will be able to discover on their mobile devices. Telling a story using storytelling strategies, and developing a more captive audience by obtaining high conversion rates.

We come to the personalization choices of the ad, if you already have content. On your business page you can select it here. We will now see how to create a new form template. create a new form template 5 elements must be filled in here. Form name Title of the offer Offer in detail Privacy Policy URL Custom privacy policy text Once you have filled in this information. Here is an overview of the ad you can generate. Here is a preview of the ad you can generate Not very pretty? The next step allows you to select the information you want to obtain. About the prospect and to configure your ad. For example, you can ask your prospects to enter a telephone number or the choice of a school education.

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