Watch Together Is Essentially A Way For Facebook Users To Entertain Themselves

At the operational level, users can create a chat room and share a link to it with the people of their choice. Other users who are invite can choose to join the room at any time. So it’s not really the same spirit that we see in Watch Together, which is more like a quiet little video viewing session, between a few good friends or in the company of close family, as if we were all together on the sofa in front of the TV screen. A boon for advertisers? and maintain social connections with friends and family, by sharing a good movie, for example. But we can’t help but think that the Palo Alto-based firm has some ulterior motives — quite legitimate, after all — when it comes to launching this new feature.

Because there’s no doubt that Watch Together will serve Facebook’s interests pretty well. By keeping its users as much time as possible on its platform. And it may even make people spend even more time on Facebook than before. Facebook also thinks it can attract a new audience through Watch Together. Or even grab some of the loyal users of platforms with similar features. Such as Netflix, Disney + and Twitch, to name the main ones. In this case. Watch Together is a boon for advertisers betting on Facebook. Given the way ads run before and during videos. Indeed. If Watch Together takes off, the number of views for each ad will inevitably multiply. This will result in satisfying advertisers already present. And potentially encouraging new advertisers to spend part of their advertising budget at Facebook.


Advertisers Would Therefore Be Well Advised To Keep An Eye

On the progress of this promising new feature, and start thinking about how to incorporate more video ads into their marketing strategy. In the meantime, we, simple spectators, will enjoy Watch Together, which, let’s remember, was launched only a few weeks ago, and which is already available on mobile for iOS and Android.By following Google’s guidance, you’ll be Finland Phone Number List  to connect with more people, faster than you could have imagined just a few years ago, with the goal of building lasting relationships with your customers. To optimize your mobile digital marketing, you will necessarily need to improve the speed and performance of your mobile application, facilitate the shopping experience for your customers, so that they can quickly find and buy what they need, and finally, facilitating means of payment, in particular for loyal customers.

That shows how Sephora, the major French chain of stores specializing in the sale of perfumes and cosmetics, has revamped its mobile application to meet the needs of customers. We know that user experience, or UX , is critical for customers, especially on mobile. Andrew Birgiolas, director of UX, product design and research at Sephora, describes in the article in question three principles that Sephora decided to take into account to provide an exceptional mobile experience to its customers and also boost the sales. The first thing, according to Birgiolas, is to create in the team that is dedicate to the modifications of the application a culture of testing. In order to always question itself to correct the things that are not right.



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Then, it is important not to consider the redesign of an app like a hamburger with 25 options available. Above all, the approach must be global and the interface easy to use. Finally, he concludes that designing an application is like a team sport. Everyone, from engineers to marketers, should be involve. There, you have had a fairly broad overview of the content offered by the Advertising Solutions Center. There are a number of extremely interesting articles there, and even those who don’t use Google as their main marketing tool will be able to pick up some relevant advice here and there. Not to mention all the other sections that the “Think With Google” website contains!

Facebook Messenger lets users watch videos together We’re all trying to get online as often as possible these days. With the COVID-19 outbreak continuing to rage, especially in the United States and Europe,. Loneliness can be felt, and sometimes even group chats and video calls aren’t enough. We’d rather be able to sit and watch videos with friends. It is in this context that Messenger, the famous messaging system incorporated into the Facebook social network, is launching a new feature called “Watch Together”. With this new gadget, Facebook continues its own current trend that aims to breathe new life into the entire platform when it comes to “personal connection”.

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