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Byseo focus on important google updates in 2019 .Although the year 2020 got off to a flying start in terms of seo. Lebanon Phone Number With the january 2020 core update , or even the change in the referencing of featured snippets. We must not forget that 2019 was very hectic for google. Thus, the seo platform, oncrawl .Had the good idea to present an infographic of the. Major updates of the mountain view firm, over the year 2019. Your digital agency looks back on the key. Points of the last year of this decade . A timeline of updates oncrawl has made this infographic in chronological order. In addition it must be taken. Into account that modifications. Due to bugs and minor updates or which have .Not been officially revealed by the american giant.

Requests for All Languages ​​benefit From This Update

Are also taken into account. Lebanon Phone Number They are displayed in green and red respectively. While core updates are distinguished by blue. As for the minor updates in this infographic.They are the most notable of the lot. As google makes almost ten changes to its algorithm a day that we hardly ever notice. Timeline infographic of major google. Changes timeline infographic of major google changes .Important dates march 1 :a few days before the first core update of 2019, a change. In the serp was noticed by the seo community. There were then at this time. Pages with 19 results instead of the usual 10. March 13. Google officially announces the march core update. However despite this official announcement little information has leaked out.

Only English Queries Were Impacted From Now on

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April 5: the american giant was the victim. Of a rather significant bug: 4% of the urls on the first. Page of the serp dropped for no reason. Google manages to put things back in order in a week.Without finding the source of the problem. June 6 just three days after google’s second algorithmic update. Site diversity update made its appearance. The purpose of this update was to not display more. Than two results of the same domain name in the organic results. October 22: the official deployment of google bert. Considered one of the most important algorithmic updates in five years!.Lebanon Phone Number The mountain view firm wanted .To tilt its search engine into a new era. That of a better understanding of research intentions. At the time of its release the us.

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