What Are the Means Used by These Advertisers Targeted

Therefore beware of information harvesting requests. Paraguay Phone Number List However in children this notion of private. Information is difficult to understand. The collection of personal data is therefore. Easier with children than adults and as a result targeted. Advertising will be much more present on the platforms used by children. Influencer advertising influencer advertising. Falling under influence marketing relies much more on. The affective objective (to make people like) of advertising. Rather than on the cognitive (to make known) and conative .(to make people act) objectives. Regarding influencer advertising targeting children.We find names like néo and swan which are the most important. French youtubers in the children’s youtube.

This Will Create a Sense of Alienation

Sphere part of their video content is based. Paraguay Phone Number List On unboxing (product opening) and more specifically kids unboxing. The brands will therefore sponsor them so that these young influencers open. Comment test taste the products. The child will not perceive these types of .Videos as advertisements. He will feel close to the brand or the product. Because he feels close to his favorite influencers and trusts them. Most exposed to these ads significant exposure. To advertising content is often linked to social factors and mainly affect. Working-class backgrounds because children from these. Backgrounds often lack extra-curricular activity. Small siblings because this family situation is not very conducive to moments.

From Their Favorite Influencers and Peers

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Of play between brothers and sisters. Children whose parents use screens as a reward for a good deed. The consequences of overexposure to advertising content many consequences.In the first place.  Paraguay Phone Number List Can be observed from the overexposure of children to advertisements we give you the main and most important ones. Family conflicts disagreements multiply when a child is exposed to numerous advertisements. In the first place. Indeed, between what the parents want and what the child wants. The gap can be significant and create discord . On points of view and opinions. The frustration of popular circles the colors the sequins the stagings the slogans entice the children. However, not every parent can afford to give their. Child every toy he sees in advertising and asks for.

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