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A idea in terms of distributing the cards. Luxembourg Phone Number And allocating an extra spot on the first page of the. Serp for another site. But, it is not revolutionary; this idea had already been. Taken seriously. Indeed, this deletion of duplicates had. Followed a test phase, carried out in 2017 on the american version of the search engine google had made. This same modification for its featured snippets. Some rich results were therefore. No longer in the top ten organic results. However until now this change had never been widely deployed. A similar update for the rich results around the “Top stories.Section from google news had seen the light of day, before.

Have a More in-depth Reflection

Seeing the classic display restored. Luxembourg Phone Number You can therefore currently find an article in the .Op stories” section, and on the first page of the .Organic results. Image seo revelations a few days earlier.Google had released a video , in which john mueller gives some. Precise indications on how to proceed, in order to best reference the images. Use high quality images. Place them on your pages I.N a visible and relevant way. Use good titles on these pages in question. Bring alt attributes for images. Add (why not) a caption. Be sure to choose .A consistent file name for your images. Host your images so that. They are quick to use for your users.

And to Develop a Quality Seo Strategy

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N particular you can find other lines of thought. Luxembourg Phone Number On the blog of the mountain view firm in order to further optimize .Your referencing on google image.Luxembourg Phone Number  To conclude with this modification concerning organic .Referencing, google continues its small changes. Always with the aim of improving the user experience a little more. The reactions of specialists are mixed. It seems too early to say definitively. In any case, they all agree that we will have to wait to see. The effects on a large number of data.In order to express themselves definitively. Either way, your seo. Agency remains at your disposal. Its specialists are of the same opinion .And advise you not to make sudden changes. So do not hesitate to call on them.

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