What is the difference between graphic designer and infographic designer?

The line separating the profession of graphic designer and that of graphic designer is increasingly thin. How to distinguish the role of each looking for a graphic designer or a graphic designer what is the definition of graphic designer and graphic designer the profession of graphic designer appeared with the arrival of computers in the field of graphic communications. It was said of him that he was a computer graphic designer. The graphic designer was therefore the one who created, often using traditional and analogical processes photography, illustration, typography, collage, etc. The concept to be produced. Subsequently, the graphic designer produced the document on the computer to allow reproduction and printing scanning, layout, photo editing, graphic editing, prepress, etc.


Little Creative and Moderately Technical.

Difference between graphic designer and infographic designer in order photo background removing to establish a basis for the distinction between the two trades, we can therefore say that in the graphic chain, the graphic designer was closer to the ideation and the concept while the computer graphics designer was at the level of the production of the result. Final . Over the years, the role of each has evolved. Today, whether you are dealing with a graphic designer or a computer graphics designer, the two professions mainly use the same tools, composed almost exclusively of adobe photoshop, illustrator and indesign software. Also, fewer and fewer visuals are intended for printing, which limits the barrier of material and specialized equipment. Even the courses offered are similar.

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Specialization Remains a Synonym of Quality.

In the form of dec, dep or vocational training, they DZB Directory bear the label of graphics or computer graphics without being very different in the subject taught. A few courses in design and printing processes often separate the 2 programs. Graphic designer and graphic designer, who does what one constant remains the graphic designer has a more creative role while. The graphic designer is more on the technical side, which does not prevent a graphic. Designer from having good ideas or a. Graphic designer from being comfortable with the technical specifications. Of the assembly. The graphic designer has a more creative role while the graphic designer is more technical. The distinction therefore comes from the role of each person in the company and the type of company.

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