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What It Means Today To Be Smart For Italian

Patterns today can mean losing ground. Technologies are increasingly pervasive and become part of everyday life, changing the way we communicate, collaborate and work within companies. For this it is essential to be aware of the transformation taking place. To know how to appreciate and seize opportunities. Organizational policies, digital technologies adopted, behaviors, leadership styles and physical spaces thus change.Executive organized the “Smart working, instructions for use” event last June, gathering the testimony of those who are experiencing this phenomenon, in various ways, to understand what it means today to be Smart for Italian companies.

What It Means Today To Be Smart For Italian

Mariano Corso, Director of the Smart Working Ecuador Phone Number Observatory of the Politico DI Nonmilitant a few years ago, the concept of offices was very different from today, as Mariano Corso. Scientific Manager of the Smart Working bThere are already examples of companies that have rejected certain stereotypes, demonstrating that something different can be done, even and above all in Italy where some Smart Working projects represent examples of excellence”. In our country, about 10% of large companies have systematically implemented a true Smart Working program. Ecuador Phone Number

Today it is necessary to intelligently redesign the Ecuador Phone Number organization of work. To do so we need to adopt a new managerial philosophy – underlin. Corso – aimed at empowering people, who have as a counterpart greater flexibility and autonomy in defining where. When to work, and which tools use. Productivity is no longer linear with respect to the time spent in a space. What has changed is the needs of employees, who often feel constrained by a work organization that is now too rigid.


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