Whatsapp Business, Is It Useful? In 2022

For about ten years, mobile messaging applications have become fashionable and people love to send messages via Whatsapp or Line. It’s fast, convenient, and that’s why more and more brands are opening a WhatsApp account. It’s a product that can do a lot of things: open communication with customers, mass messaging. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integrations. Chatbot action and many other great features. Before going any further, and seeing how to use this tool. Let’s see the differences between the two products offered by Whatsapp for your business.

Whatsapp business Whatsapp Business is suitable for small businesses and self-employed people. Who mainly operate in BtoC and have around fifty customers. Just install the app on your personal phone and use it for quick and automatic replies. Notifications and customer communication. It is a very practical solution in case you do not plan to drastically increase the size of your activity. WhatsApp Business API Solution. WhatsApp Business API Solution is a product that is more for medium and large businesses. It can be used for the automation of sending identical emails to a large number of people. But since e-mails can be personalized. This solution gives you much more freedom in communicating with your customers. In addition, it can be integrated with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Whatsapp Offers A New Opportunity To Create Truly Engaging

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, as well as your other accounts. It is also possible to create and incorporate a few communication scenarios and even integrate a chatbot. In addition, multimedia content is available and therefore you will be able to send messages accompanied by audio, video and photo format. WhatsApp Business focuses first and foremost on the needs of the user WhatsApp does not allow annoying a user with Nepal Phone Number List  or advertisements in your very first message. Because WhatsApp’s current priority is a high level of service, and the company is investing heavily in the user experience. Thus, according to WhatsApp, communication between a brand and a user must be fast, transparent and pleasant. Why such precautions? There was a precedent, with Viber, another mobile messaging app that lost thousands of users to huge amounts of spam from companies trying to get new customers.

Convenient communication with customers, and wants to establish a new marketing paradigm with this tool. You should consider using WhatsApp Business if you check the following boxes: You are a business working primarily in BtoC, with a large customer base or a large number of incoming customers who constantly go through the same channel to get help.  Your business sends an average of 2 or more messages to your customers as part of 2 different events in a 24-hour period (for example, a message about the status of a delivery). In this case, WhatsApp messages are cheaper than SMS type messages. Also, if for example as part of a product order, the process involves a dialogue with a customer, a WhatsApp chatbot and a simple chat scenario will make things much easier than a call to a customer contact center .


With Whatsapp Business, All This Communication Can Be Easily Automated

You want to share information that should be readily available to all your customers, such as a booking confirmation, which usually lands in customers’ email inboxes, but which they don’t really appreciate. Your call center or live chat usually gets a huge incoming stream. With WhatsApp Business, all this communication can be easily automate with the new channel provide. In addition, you will be able to increase your conversion volumes. What can you do once your WhatsApp business account is activate? Once you decide to use WhatsApp Business for your business, you will get a branded account/business profile: a verified and ticked badge next to your name that will be visible in the profile, chat windows and the ability to create groups.

Also, you will be able to add a short company profile text. Note that a business or organization cannot have more than one account. Once you have your WhatsApp Business account certified, you will be able to perform the following actions: Provide services and information to your customers, such as sending order status messages, sharing documents and collecting feedback Work with incoming traffic in a new channel. And because the chat history is save. A user who forgot something can easily resume communication with you, unlike chatting on a website. Customize your communication with your CRM and other back-end type system integrations. Set up chatbots Types of messages for your communication . HSM templates (Highly Structured Messages, or WhatsApp template messages).


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