When We Consider Today The Mechanics Of Decision-making In B2b

The purchase journey, or customer journey, or “buyer journey” in English. Designates all the stages through which a customer progresses. Throughout his relationship with a supplier. we understand how important it is to optimize the customer journey. The longer the customer journey. The lower the conversion rate of your leads into customers. misunderstandings or lack of alignment, both internally. But also between buyer and seller. That’s why it’s up to you to make your buyer’s journey as smooth. And efficient as possible. The video marketing guide for B2B Beginner.  The video marketing guide for B2B The video marketing guide for B2B. To download It’s for this reason that understanding and mapping your path to purchase will allow you to know precisely where you are good, but also where you are struggling to convert your leads and prospects.

There are two excellent methods for doing this. The development of “Buyer Personas”, in order to clearly define the typical profile of your potential buyers. And the method called “Jobs to be done”. Which allows you to fully understand their motivations. Then you can adjust your marketing strategy. Obviously, there are as many buying journeys as there are buyers. In practice, but most B2B marketers agree to divide this journey into 4 stages or phases. Which we will observe throughout this item: 1- The discovery phase 2- The evaluation phase The decision phase The loyalty phase 1- The discovery phase From stranger to visitor: your prospect does not know you yet In B2B, the path to purchase begins when the prospect becomes aware of a problem and is motivated to find a solution.



This Is How About 70% Of The Buyer’s Journey Happens

Before the sales teams step in. This stage is call “discovery”, because it is at this time that your future client discovers a need, but also solutions. You need to be there for your prospect from the start of their buying journey. The sooner you contact your prospect, the stronger your relationship will be. In this discovery phase, the client seeks Argentina Phone Numbers List  and will move into the awareness phase as they become more familiar with the topic. This is when you need to attract your target by helping them better understand their problem and explaining how it can be solve. How to attract prospects? For example, you can count on SEO referencing . By ranking well on specific keywords and writing great articles on your website. You will be able to attract leads who are interest in what you are selling.

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So use them to the fullest. From visitor to prospect: raising awareness Once the prospect is drawn into this process, they become a kind of visitor. You have aroused his curiosity in a way. This could have been done via the natural referencing of your content (inbound marketing) or via outbound marketing actions, such as prospecting, advertising, a trade show, etc. (outbound marketing). You must now “educate” your prospect, and convince him of the importance of his problem and above all of the advantages of dealing with it. This is where educating the prospect comes in, through appropriate content. The prospect essentially seeks to define his problem and understand what he has to gain by solving it. It is therefore essential to create content capable of convincing your prospect, and pushing him to act.


The Evaluation Phase The Prospect Clarifies His Project And Gets Closer To A Purchase Decision

At the end of this phase, if all goes well, you will have convinced him to engage in an evaluation process to find the best solution to his problem. From now on, the prospect knows that he must act, but he does not yet know the different solutions to his problem. However, regardless of their level of knowledge, they will want to explore the matter thoroughly and observe all available options. He will therefore seek and analyze all possible information on the products and services offered to solve his problem, including yours of course, provided that you have managed to “capture” it in the discovery phase. In 2020, almost 70% of the purchase journey takes place on the digital channel, and from now on, B2B buyers no longer rely solely on the word of a salesperson to form an opinion.

Each buyer can investigate and do their own research about the desired style of product or service, and form their opinion on the subject. By becoming familiar with the potential solutions, he not only refines his understanding of the subject, but above all, he already projects himself into the future, with one or more of these solutions. The objective is to convince him that your product represents the most appropriate response to his problem. During this reflection phase, it is essential to maintain a good relationship with your potential buyer and above all not to become too satisfied in advance. Don’t lose contact at this point or you risk ruining the sale. Before thinking about any typical path to purchase, you will need to take the time to learn in depth about the characteristics of your customers.

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