Where These Players Will Gain

Luis Suárez scored the goal with which Uruguay qualified for the round of 16 of the 2018 World Cup in Russia; so he led the conversation trends globally The Uruguayan striker. Luis Suárez scored the only goal in the match corresponding to group A between Saudi Arabia and Uruguay. which earned the Charruas qualification to the round of 16 of the 2018 World Cup in Russia and which meant the elimination of the Arab team . With this goal. Suárez set a series of personal records that earned him the recognition of Internet users on social networks. On the one hand. this Wednesday’s game meant the 100th match for the player with his national representative. likewise. he became the first soccer player from that country to score in three different World Cups; While celebrating him. he mentioned that he is waiting for his third child.

According to data from TweetReach. the striker’s name reached about 47.5 million accounts on Twitter. while in terms of exposure. it exceeded 70 million impressions. The high trend on this player is a sign of people’s Estonia whatsapp number list interest in the sporting event. even when the game in question was not spectacular; fans do not miss a detail of what happens in the World Cup. Therefore. the brands related to the player as well as to the Uruguayan national team gain in media impact. And it is that the international scope of the event as well as the press coverage. generate that regional brands reach territories that are not contemplated in their advertising strategy. in addition to the fact that data from the countries that are found on the field of play. so city and country brands also benefit.

Championship Is A Springboard

Since the Mexican team arrived in Europe. the coach of the national team Juan Carlos Osorio has used t-shirts with motivational messages The Mexican National Team is preparing for its second duel corresponding to group F of the 2018 World Cup in Russia against South Korea next Saturday. June 23 at 10 in the morning. Central Mexico time; the national press follows in the footsteps of the tricolor team as part of its media coverage; This is how a series of shirts worn by the strategist Juan Carlos Osorio were observed . which contained motivational messages such as “Moral courage to play” or “Talent is individual. but the effort belongs to everyone.”

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They are shirts that. according to media reports. were ordered to be made by the technical director himself and that are used as a way to express his work ideology for the team. as well as for the media and fans. Even before the historic victory against Germany last Sunday. the method of work (rotations) as well as the level of play exhibited by the national team were a source of criticism and doubts on the part of the fans as well as analysts and journalists. According to information from ESPN . Osorio indicated that he took five garments to Russia. in addition to the fact that already in World Cup territory he would order another one. although he did not want to reveal what the message that would be registered would be. it is a surprise. Similarly. the media reported that since the Mexican delegation is in the old continent.

An Opportunity To Position

Beyond the result that the national team has in the fair. These types of stories can be rescued for the commercial field. From advertising to the generation of these garments. Which do not show any brand behind the strategy; so if it continues with positive results. It would be on the way to becoming a trend. The Japanese team won by two this. Tuesday during its debut at the 2018 World Cup in Russia . After its fans gave a lecture on civility and education. By cleaning the Saransk Stadium at the end of the match . In a video released on Facebook . The group of fans began to pick up the garbage that remained in the building after the match. The Japanese were joined by Colombian fans.

So far. the material shared on social networks has registered 2.600.000 reproductions. 12.000 reactions and 132.000 shares. Something that reminds us of the same action recorded. By the Japanese fans after the match at the Permambuco Arena . Where they also cleaned the stadium. Japan did not advance from the group stage at that World Cup. But the legacy of their fans was the winner. As they carried plastic bags in which they disposed of garbage. In the end the accumulation was made in those same. Bags so that the property would be completely clean. According to figures from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) . Japan is one of the most educated countries in the world. occupying second. Place in the ranking and only surpassed by Russia.

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