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Some time ago, I participated in a roundtable forum hosted by a venture capital group. In which the host asked a question: “When will China’s toB companies be listed on NASDAQ or A-shares in batches like toC companies?” The time predictions given by the participants have different lengths, but there is a general consensus – if domestic SaaS companies UAE Phone Number do not undergo mergers and acquisitions and reorganization, relying solely on the growth of monomers, it is unlikely that they want to IPO in batches in the short term. The core reason is SaaS How does a company break through the $100 million ARR (annual recurring revenue) mark? At present, the ARR scale of SaaS startups has entered the billion-dollar club. How to achieve double-speed growth in revenue scale in a short period and present a beautiful growth curve? I believe it is something that all domestic

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SaaS company CEOs think about day and night. Ignoring the impact of renewals and additional purchases for the time being. A  scale breakthroughs in new purchase revenue is a challenge that must be faced head-on. Expanding the sales team and recruiting more channel partners is the UAE Phone Number easiest way to increase revenue. How can I get this clear, so that there is a source of living water But how to. Ensure that there are enough leads or business opportunities at the front end? Sales Process Sales come from a single point of open source and are fragment. The method is difficult to replicate in batches, and it requires sufficient diligence and self-drive from the sales staff.

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As far as I know, many high-level salesmen from big manufacturers don’t bother to engage in customer acquisition activities. Therefore, SaaS startups often have an embarrassing situation in which they cannot feed enough leads, cannot get up to speed, and eventually become unsustainable after expanding their sales team. Marketing customer acquisition method In UAE Phone Number the functional division of 2B enterprises, the important task of customer acquisition naturally falls on the marketing team. Looking at domestic SaaS companies, I took an inventory, and they can be roughly into the following gangs in terms of marketing and customer acquisition: 1. Local Tyrant Gang As the name suggests, the local tyrants have a lot of money and money,

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