The Distribution of Connections Why Do the French Connect

Mediametrie internet users report on february 20.Cambodia Phone Number A press release was issued by the. Site médiamétrie. The leader in media studies has unveiled as usual its annual connection r.Eport in france for the year 2019. The figures are impressive. 92% of french households are now connected. So no less than 53.1 million unique internet users each month. The distribution of connections on average. The french connect 22 days per month which is about 4 days. More than 10 years ago. The connection rate via mobile explodes records. Since 37.4 million internet users are actually mobile users. Indeed 4 out of 10 internet users use their mobile. Phone exclusively to connect . The development of technologies for smartphones is mainly the cause. To be even more precise. The study revealed that france remained online for an.

This New Target The Said Platforms

Average of 2 hours and 12 minutes each day. It should be emphasized here however. Cambodia Phone Number That the disparities between the mos.T connected people (6 hours and 53 minutes) and the followers. Of stealth connections (1 hour and 10 minutes) are enormous. The average connection time is therefore not very revealing of. The daily reality of the average frenchman. Why do the french connect? In general, 6 out of 10 french people connect to the web to check their email. Or connect to social networks . The winning triofacebook. Snapchat and messenger. The choice of platform seems to be made according to the age .Of the internet user. In other words each generation. Has its own habits and preferences.

Did Not Hesitate to Adapt the Form of Their Content

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The presence of toddlers on the web boosts .Cambodia Phone Number The figures in this report. Last year teenagers tended to. Favor platforms with video and photo. Content when older people .Were found much more on facebook for example. Social interactions are by far privileged. The fact remains that some internet users remain fond of information and news. In 2019, 44.6 million unique internet. Users visited an application or information site. Compared to the figures for the year before. They spent 22% more time there. Pleasant surprise since this increase is strongly. Due to the participation of young internet users. The latter are more and more interested .In information sites. 80.6% of them consulted at least one in 2019. It must be said that to appeal

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