Why Do We Go to Mcdonald’s

After May 1st this year, a friend brought the children to my house to play, and suddenly remembered Phone Number List that the homework left by the teacher needed to be printed out, and then took a photo and submitted it. Due to the epidemic, the nearby printing shops are not open. A friend searched the map and suddenly said: I will go to Lianjia to print it.

The article begins with two short stories from personal experience.

Story one:

One time I was shopping with a friend, when passing a McDonald’s, he suddenly stopped and Phone Number List said, I went to the bathroom, and then went straight into the McDonald’s.

After coming out, I asked him: isn’t there a public toilet in front of it? He asked back: Is that public toilet clean from McDonald’s?

Story two:

Ten minutes later, he came back with the printed documents, and I asked: Is there a charge? He said: Of course not, I always go to Lianjia for printing at home.

Going to McDonald’s and KFC to go to the toilet, and going to the chain to print, have Phone Number List become two small skills in the market, and they have also become the alternative perceptions of many consumers for these three brands.

You can see and hear many examples of such perceptions, both online and in real life. For example, if you search Weibo, you can see a joke about McDonald’s toilets:

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