Why Does Google Refuse to Submit to This Code of Conduct

Microsoft could validly replace google. What would be the consequences of an Australia. Without google google is the number one search engine in the world. Indeed it alone accounts for of the world market share. This is why companies prefer google for their. Seo in order to be better ranked on the web. And in Australia it occupies 95% of the market. If it withdraws its engine, this will have repercussions .On the companies and sites referenced on google, and also on apple. Which has made it its default search engine. Consequently we could witness a great vacuum .In this country.Negatively impacting several sectors of activity.

This Data However This Revelation Risks

This would therefore be reason enough .For Australia to reconsider its decision and accept. Google’s negotiations. However, could bing replace google in this count. In Australia Bing micro soft’s search engine. Holds 3.7% market share. A negligible percentage. Compared to that of google. But Microsoft is not being intimidated. Moreover he remains convinced of having the necessary .Capabilities to fill the void that google could cause in Australia. Indeed Bing also allows you to do relevant searches. And offers features quite similar to those of google. The disagreement between Australia and google therefore represents. A golden opportunity for bing to increase its market share.

Tarnishing Facebook’s Image Because Its Users May


In addition microsoft says it is ready to comply .With the australian code of conduct and further .Improve its search engine. Answer in the next episode! Affects a large majority of them. As a reminder in France Facebook had around 27.5 million monthly. Active users in 2019. Especially since for several years the social network .Has encouraged its users to associate a telephone. Number with their account. This serves as a means of identification and also makes it possible to . Recover the account in the event of forgetting the password . However the most informed users know that the numbers are. Also used by the social network to do business. Moreover targeted advertising is a system that relies.

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