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The page is an instrument that can be used to offer information that helps you position yourself as an educational benchmark. It can be promoted at a low price : The website is the essence and basis of any educational marketing strategy. but it is not enough just to be present on the Internet. but you have to work to position yourself in search engines. Marketing tools such as SEO or SEM can be effective and inexpensive to improve your web presence. Establish a communication channel : Through a comments section. Chat. online support. or a space to share and exchange ideas with parents.

your institution can create communication channels that will help you get closer to them and. most importantly. important in this sector. building trust. Don’t get lost along the way: take advantage of your website Cyprus whatsapp number list Website-education Parents need to be 100% convinced that they are not making a mistake and the website can help make this decision easier . These are 5 tips to get the most out of the page. . 1. Show your difference : According to figures from the Ministry of National Education. there are 21.550 schools in Colombia. A great competition. right? Highlight what makes you unique: do you offer bilingual education? Exchanges with other schools?

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Artistic or scientific training? Is it the quality of its teachers that makes it good? Find your differential and highlight it on the web! 2. Educate and deliver relevant information: Your page is from an educational institution. so educating will be a key factor to impact: Deliver useful information to parents. for example. through a Blogs section. which are a very effective alternative to attract an audience. Don’t forget to think strategically and design a content marketing plan . Offer videos of interest related to education. In Colombia. the consumption of content in this format is increasingly on the rise. so this is an element that cannot be missing from your website.

Cyprus whatsapp number list

Produce an institutional video: Parents want. before going in person. to see what that potential school is like for their children: Dedicate a little budget to produce and post on your website a good institutional video where you take a tour of the facilities. laboratories. recreational spaces. etc.. and show how one day is lived in that school. Let the faculty. principal. and students do the talking. Seeing the experience of others is worth more than a text in the “About us” section. 4. Design a site that “falls in love” with parents : The seriousness of your institution should. Thus: Make it easy to navigate and parent friendly.

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Have a fresh. modern. clean. orderly image that reflects institutional values. Use attractive. emotional and inspiring images; These are worth a thousand words. Make visible the academic and leisure activities that take place in the institution. Parents will know what their children are doing and they will certainly like it. Website-education5. Social Media : Of course. the icing on the cake in all of this is social media. If you want not only to attract visitors to your site. but also to build loyalty and create a greater connection with parents. networks are more than necessary Make the access icons to your social network profiles visible on the web .

Interact with the parent community constantly. Never leave them waiting for a response to a comment. Conclution The education of children is an issue that no one takes lightly; therefore. schools must understand that the website is a fundamental element in their marketing strategies to attract a demanding audience: parents. The key is to create engaging websites that build trust and safety. Do you have an educational institution in mind that has an “amazing” Internet site? When it comes to websites. one of the most frequent concerns is attracting visitors.

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