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While there are different forecasts by economists about who will work. Technological skills will be a Mexico Phone Number  necessary condition to be assessed by companies. As the 115 directors of Thinking Machines research personnel say conducted by SAD Boccaccio. As Work In The Time part of a broader Mexico Phone Number research project promoted by AICA. In collaboration with AIDP and ALDAN-Micromanager . Just as the most advanced technologies will be. Decisive for almost all of the interviewees in business development and organizational design so too.

Work In The Time And Thinking Machines

The way of working will certainly Mexico Phone Number change. Indeed the metamorphosis is already underway with the digital revolution. Automation and robotics will replace Mexico Phone Number much of human labor in factories organizati. For 88% computers will also lighten clerical work in repetitive jobs, while there is more caution about the impact on concept Mexico Phone Number jobs. More than one in two (54%) predict that artificial intelligence applications will tend to replace part of the intellectual work, but for 87% the human being will continue to have direct control over the machine / computer. It will therefore have to have knowledge and technical competence, but also an overall vision of the connected processes.

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If industry is transformed, so too is the workforce. This has always been the case in the past, and the move to industry 4.0 is no exception. Will Mexico Phone Number the spread of technological skills to oversee them. Technology will have an increasing weight in the overall balance of skills (for 84%).For the selection and evaluation of people. Just when there will be the maximum impact. In 5-10 years, on the reduction of places of work. In terms of employment, according to the interviewees, the impact of the digital transformation will not lead to Mexico Phone Number unemployment in the medium term. For 54%, in fact, as in the past, new opportunities will develop in the face of the changes generated by technological innovations.

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