You Must Verify Honduras Cell Phone Numbers

That the product you are an affiliate of is enabled for this option and this is the work of the producer . If you are a producer. To enable this option for your products. You must access the products menu and click on manage. Then in affiliate program . It is important that one of the options. All or only previously approved affiliates will be able to promote the product . Is checked to continue the procedure. Now. By clicking on advanced. You will allow the affiliate bonus. Please note: affiliation bonus then just save the settings! By enabling automatic bonus delivery.

You give your affiliates more possibilities for work and. Consequently. More sales. Step by step to register your bonus now. Let’s show you how to register your bonuses! In your hotmart account. Access the tools menu and identify the “bonus delivery” option. As shown in the image below: bonus delivery the insertion of the bonus for affiliates can be done in a very simple way. By clicking on the option illustrated above. You will select the product and have the following options: insert the bonus (pdf file with a maximum of 200 mb or a one-page link); choose when the bonus email will be sent to the buyer.

Determine The Time

That this bonus will be associated with the disclosure Honduras cell phone numbers link (hotlink); ready! Now just send want to see how? Follow up. You will be able to manage everything on this page. Where the titles. Description. Type. To whom and when your bonuses will be delivered are configured: now. Just save! The buyer receives the bonus after the purchase confirmation. By e-mail. And can enjoy the material that you have made available wherever and whenever you want. All automatically. See how simple it is? Remembering that it is essential that the affiliate provides quality content that is related to the promoted product.

Honduras cell phone numbers

After all. A relevant bonus can turn buyers into fans. If you have any questions. Access our help center . Or send an email directly to our support by clicking here ! Take the next step and make the most of hotmart’s potential 02/01/2015 by hotmart reading time 2 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp every day. New companies appear that are formed by entrepreneurs like you . Producer and affiliate . Who found in the digital products market a great opportunity for growth and. In hotmart . A solution to trust the structure of your business. In order to follow the evolution of the users themselves.

Hotmart Has Developed

Over time several solutions aimed at companies in this market. Such as. For example. The call center sub-accounts (where the producer can add its support agents). Our intention is to continue following the growth of our community so that new users can experience the tool without difficulties. And. At the same time. Experienced users can scale their business and become more and more professional. Enjoying the benefits of building their company based on hotmart’s solutions. Changes for individuals and new features for legal entities if you are an individual earning more than brl 1.900 per month .

You must be notified on your hotmart panel in order to advise you on the professionalization of your business. (the professionalization process is simpler than you might think. See in this post where we explain every step-by-step ) while. From now on. Users who are individuals will have some restrictions. Such as the withdrawal limit of r$ 1.900 per month. Affiliates and producers with cnpj can continue to withdraw their earnings without limitations and may still have access to exclusive features for legal entities. Such as: resources you will also find. In addition to hotmart’s tools.

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