Youtube “shorts”, A Serious Competitor For Tiktok

This is an excellent approach, because keeping and retaining existing customers is much cheaper than implementing an acquisition marketing strategy. Customer marketing is about constantly improving the customer experience. Or the impression you leave on your customers after you provide your service. Simple ways to improve this customer experience are to eliminate friction. That can arise in the customer service process (complex payment system, overcharging, etc.). And possibly use customer service software to properly manage. And improve relational and communication aspects.  Conversational marketing is about seeking out and fostering face-to-face relationship and communication, one-on-one. As they say in the United States, across as many channels as possible. The goal is to converse with your prospects or customers. When they want to and in the right way. This includes many possibilities. From live chat, phone call, Facebook Messenger and email.

The challenge in this type of marketing strategy is to be able to manage several channel formats. Without communication problems or loss of productivity. That’s why it’s essential to use conversational marketing tools. Like a unified inbox, to streamline your efforts across the business. There are still many other notable marketing methods. Such as buzz marketing, guerrilla marketing, account-based marketing. And many others, that you should consider in order to complete your marketing toolbox. You just have to keep in mind. That a good overall marketing strategy cannot be satisfie with a single and unique method. It is by trying several of the marketing techniques above simultaneously. That you will be able to observe convincing results in terms of sales and growth in your turnover.


This App Also Features Crossover Recording Options

That’s it, the news has just fallen in September 2020. YouTube has just announced the launch of a new feature called “  Shorts  ”. Which should compete with TikTok in the field of short and catchy video format. This new feature is available first in India, in Beta version. The video marketing guide for B2B Beginner. The video marketing guide for B2B The video marketing guide for B2B. To download Here is an excerpt from the Ukraine Phone Number List  made online a few days ago. By the YouTube Shorts project managers: testing goal. This is an early product release. But we’re releasing it now to take you on this adventure we’re building. We will continue to add more features and expand to other countries over the coming months.” Shorts, the newcomer in the short video format Like TikTok. Shorts allows users to create 15-second video clips. Optionally accompanied by music, for those who wish.

Variable speed controls, a hands-free recording system, and much more to come, as Shorts is still in its infancy. As you will no doubt soon see in your own YouTube app, a new, prominent “Create” button has been added to the home page of the video sharing platform to mark the appearance of this new “Shorts” feature. “. Some YouTube users, surely allergic to any changes, have already criticized this addition. But for YouTube, which we remember belongs to Google, it is essential to ensure that Shorts is clearly visible to all its regular users, because it is the only way to have a strong and immediate impact which can allow YouTube to fill the void left by TikTok in the Indian market, initially. Recall that the Indian government recently banned applications of Chinese origin, in June 2020. However, TikTok is an application made in China.


Instagram, In India, Is About 100 Million Users

As most analysts had announced, following this political decision, YouTube rushed into the breach and sought to accelerate the development of a tool capable of filling the void left by the disappearance of TikTok in the Indian market. . Take advantage of TikTok’s bad run to win in a buoyant market But to be completely honest, the idea of ​​“Shorts” started germinating in the minds of YouTube decision makers before the Indian government banned it. Indeed, specialized journalists have heard of several reports concerning a certain project of the online video sharing giant that strongly resembles TikTok. The online media “The Information” for example first reported in April 2020 that YouTube was working on short video formats, and that tests would then have extended until June, just before the ban on TikTok in India, therefore.

TikTok is estimated to have around 200 million Indian users at the time of its ban, while YouTube has slightly more (265 million active users in the region). It is also quite funny to see that a great rivalry was born between pro YouTube stars / influencers and those who had chosen TikTok, so much so that users of the two queen platforms were extremely divided. But fate has chosen its side, and Indian TikTok fans and influencers are now orphans. It is therefore logical that once TikTok left, YouTube decided to take action and sought to recover all idle influencers thanks to Shorts. But a twist has occurred in the meantime. Instagram enters the dance It was actually Instagram that jumped at the chance given by the TikTok app ban in India. A week after the decision by the Indian government, Instagram launched a new feature called “Reels”, available for its Indian audience, but also for a few other countries.

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